Faisal Hourani

Founder, Webmedic

Driven by curiosity and passion to solve problems, Faisal is always wondering why things work the way they do? how can we do them differently? and how can we do them better?
Started his career as a freelance developer helping businesses with their web development projects, he saw a need in the market where companies don’t have a dedicated person to help with their website.

Today Faisal is putting his 10+ years experience in web development and obsession in improving how things work into WebMedic where he helps businesses convert more visitors into customers with less advertising.

0945 - 1030 AM

(30/4/2020) Thursday

Why 98% of Your Website Visitors Don’t Buy From You (And what to do about it)

Faisal Hourani, Founder, WebMedic

Today you are competing with millions of other shops on your customers attention (and wallets) -- if your visitors don't get a good experience, you might have just lost a customer.

Join us in this session to find out why your visitors are leaving and what you can do about it.
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