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A successful data strategy will be able to provide insights that enable more informed decision making and goal setting, and develop new growth opportunities. Leading digital analytics experts share how to effectively use data and analytics to generate actionable insights for your marketing strategy in these 2 days.


9.00am - 10.00am (GMT+8)

[Fire Drill] Building a data-driven strategy for your company

Being data-driven can easily be overwhelming. This panel is going to help you refine your focus and how to get started with a data-driven strategy to enhance your company.

Moderator :

Jan Wong, Founder & CEO, OpenMinds


1. Serm Teck Choon, CEO & Co-founder, Antsomi
2. Gurun Nevada Dharan, Data Driven Product & Strategy, Shipper
3. Darren Chong, Performance Marketing Analytic Lead, ADA Asia

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10.05am - 11.05am (GMT+8)

[Fire Drill] Utilize innovative analytic tools to create a highly targeted marketing campaign

Using the right tools able to help you to simplify and optimize a business' marketing strategies and activities. This panel is going to discuss how you can utilize the tools to create a successful marketing campaign.


Sunny Ooi , Founder and CEO, ClickAsia Sdn Bhd

1. Carroll Kee, General Manager of SEA, Similarweb
2. Ashran Dato Ghazi, CEO, dattel.asia
3. Kelvin Prawtama, Business Intelligence, Shipper

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11.10am - 12.10pm (GMT+8)

Fire Drill] Leveraging data insights to drive higher conversion and customer acquisition rates across the customer journey

How can marketers best leverage Big Data to gain valuable customer experience insights and then put those insights to work to dramatically improve customer satisfaction, boost repeat purchases, increase customer retention, and achieve the other desirable results you’re aiming for?


Daniel Zadkiel Cheong, Skill & Talent Development Coach

1. Stephanie Caunter, Head of Customer Strategy & Marketing, AIA Malaysia
2. Hanson Yu, Digital Marketing Manager, Xendit
3. Nicholas Tan, Senior Director, SME & Enterprise Development, Fusionex Group
4. Alvin, Biddable Channel Manager, GroupM

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9.00am - 10.00am (GMT+8)

[Workshop] Get to know your customers with Google Analytics

Learn and analyse how customers engage with your business website, then turn these insights into well-informed, actionable decisions.
In this class, you will learn:
- The importance of web analytics and how it can help your business
- How to set up a free Google Analytics account for your business
- How to make better business decisions with Google Analytics


Zeen Chang, Mahir Digital Bersama Google trainer

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10.05am - 11.05am (GMT+8)

[Workshop] Persona analytics for Social Media targeting: Analysis to action

In this workshop, you will learn:
1. How to use Behaviour Archetypes to focus your market positioning
2. How to create a data-driven persona of your target audience
3. How to convert the persona into Facebook, IG, and TikTok ad sets
4. How to use Consumer Values to connect with your target audience effectively


Noorhaina Hirawani Mohd Noor, Regional Head, Client Engagement, dattel.asia

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11.10am - 12.10pm (GMT+8)

[Workshop] Get the Data that Puts You Ahead of the Competition with Similarweb

With COVID-19 pandemic today, consumer loyalty has suffered during the time of crisis. Competition is certainly going to be fiercer than ever with the consumer preferences and spending changed rapidly. We will guide you to understand how different channels work together to drive success, leverage seasonal market trends to determine how to make consumer behavior work in your favor, find the best affiliates to partner with and identify the most successful channels to utilise and the highest trending keywords in real-time. This can be meaningful for retention marketing and also serve as an opportunity for your acquisition marketing strategy.


Carroll Kee, General Manager of SEA, Similarweb

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Carroll Kee

General Manager SEA, SimilarWeb

Ashran Dato Ghazi

CEO, dattel.asia

Stephanie Caunter

Head of Customer Strategy & Marketing, AIA Malaysia

Noorhaina Hirawani Mohd Noor

Regional Head, Client Engagement, dattel.asia

Zeen Chang

Mahir Digital Bersama Google trainer

Sunny Ooi

Founder and CEO, ClickAsia Sdn Bhd

Jan Wong

Founder & CEO, OpenMinds

Serm Teck Choon

CEO & Co-founder, Antsomi

Hanson Yu

Digital Marketing Manager, Xendit

Gurun Nevada Dharan

Senior Product Manager, Shipper

Kelvin Prawtama

Business Intelligence, Shipper

Darren Chong

Performance Marketing Analytics Lead, ADA Malaysia

Daniel Zadkiel Cheong

Skill & Talent Development Coach

Nicholas Tan

Senior Director, SME & Enterprise Development, Fusionex Group


Biddable Channel Manager, GroupM

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