Suchitra Kumar

Fighter Pilot, Enginemailer

Suchitra has over 10 years’ experience in corporate taxation and enterprise account management working with some of the largest corporates and multinationals in Malaysia. She currently holds a key account manager position in WebLITE and manages clients from financial services and retail industries to strategise, plan and execute high volume email marketing campaigns.

Suchitra is also one of the early members of Enginemailer. She currently oversees the customer success team and conducts regular seminars and workshops to help small and large companies embrace digital technology – with email marketing as one of the primary consumer touchpoints.

Suchitra holds a certification in Accounting and Finance from FTMS College, Kuala Lumpur. She is currently experimenting with new-age inbound/outbound marketing strategies while pursuing a career in Digital Marketing.

1030 - 1115 AM

(30/4/2020) Thursday

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Suchitra Kumar, Fighter Pilot, Enginemailer

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