Suzaane Ling

Co-Founder @ PichaEats, Zucchini & Co.

Suzanne Ling is the co-founder and head of marketing for PichaEats, a food startup in Malaysia that serves great food and rebuild lives at the same time. PichaEats partners with refugee chefs, serving delicious food from Syria, Gaza, & more to events, conferences, etc. Some of the clients include Google, Airbnb, AMEX and more. With the marketing experience in building PichaEats's social media presence, she co-founded Zucchini & Co, a new company that focuses on helping brands to stand out among others through story-telling & fun content. Suzanne and her co-founders have also been listen under Forbes 30 under 30 2018, LinkedIn Spotlight, and more for the work that they do.

0900 - 0945 AM

(30/4/2020) Thursday

Extended MCO. Extended Reach

Suzaane Ling, Co-Founder @ PichaEats, Zucchini & Co.

With extended MCO and more brands moving online, how can we reach more people through the content that we put up on our social media? Understand the importance of social media in our online buying journey.