Carliff Rizal Carleel

CEO of Chatbot Malaysia

Carliff has built 2 companies from scratch to becoming million-dollar businesses, namely LVG Consultants, a Multi-Award winning Financial Planning Firm (Award received from ActionCoach) for 3 Consecutive years 2007, 2008, 2009. LVG Consultants is a Financial Advisory Services firm, for the 6 years were in business, we managed over 1,000 clients and over RM100million of clients investments in award-winning Unit Trusts in Malaysia.

1515 - 1600 PM

(29/4/2020) Wednesday

Empathizing with Your Users through Their Journeys with Chatbot

Carliff Rizal Carleel, CEO & Co-Founder, Automate Malaysia

Find out how we can utilize Chatbot to understand the problems of our users and offering personalized solutions at each step of their journeys.
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