Martin Tang

Digital Marketing Specialist, Exabytes Digital

Over the 5 years with Exabytes, Martin found his true passion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). His proven track records include assisting in maintaining over 100 keywords on the first page of all Exabytes division websites. Moreover, with the experience of managing more than 50 SEO clients of Exabytes Digital, Martin is a true expert in helping companies to grow their business online.

0900 - 0945 AM

(22/7/2020) SG - Wednesday

How to Marry SEO and Content Marketing

Martin Tang, Digital Marketing Specialist, Exabytes Digital

Creating high-quality content alone doesn’t work optimally if you didn’t integrate with SEO. SEO stated the requirement; content marketing fulfils them.

Now let us learn how exactly SEO and content complement each other. Bring your content marketing to the next level.

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0900 - 0945 AM

(29/4/2020) Wednesday

Let’s Debunk SEO Myths Together

Martin Tang, Digital Marketing Specialist, Exabytes Digital

There is a long list of common myths and misconceptions about SEO (search engine optimisation). Whether you’re just a newbie or an experienced digital marketer, identifying which SEO facts are still relevant/outdated is of utmost importance.

Moreover, Google search algorithm and ranking system are constantly changing. Let’s learn together!

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