Antonius Taufan


Taufan is the CEO and Founder of TADA (, an end-to-end customer retention platform that helps brands to plan, launch, and manage subscription program. TADA’s mission is to help brands double their profit per customer. His extensive understanding and experience in the Marketing space is widely recognized and has made him an authority on this subject. Taufan is an active mentor for Endeavor Entrepreneurs and serves on the Board in several companies. In his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing, surfing, cooking and meditating. The four activities allow him to zone out from work momentarily, giving him a different dimension of his otherwise workaholic regime.

0945 - 1030 AM

(29/4/2020) Wednesday

Marketing Strategies that Actually Work During the Upcoming Economic Downturn

Antonius Taufan, CEO, TADA

The wave of bad economic news is eroding confidence and buying power, driving consumers to adjust their behaviour in fundamental and perhaps permanent ways. Clearly, companies are struggling on how to deal with this situation and survive as this crisis can kill many businesses and jobs. If you want to prevent your business from suffering the same fate, you need to craft a recession marketing strategy now. At this session, TADA has identified strategies to surviving crisis, today and maybe in the future.

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