David Fallarme

Head of Marketing, Asia, HubSpot

David Fallarme leads Asia marketing for HubSpot, a full stack platform for marketing, sales and customer service. David has successfully grown products across several industries. During his time with Electronic Arts, he led customer acquisition for several video games with millions of users. As the head of marketing for a B2B SaaS startup, he oversaw growth as the company went from thousands to multi 7-figures in annual revenue.

1200 - 1245 PM

(23/7/2020) SG - Thursday

Two Things Marketers Must Do to Thrive in the New Normal

David Fallarme, Head of Marketing, Asia, HubSpot

How should your business adapt your marketing when everything has changed? In this presentation, we'll look at data that shows what the "new normal" looks like and what that means for marketers, sales leaders and business owners.

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